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Tempcoat 101 coatings are a patented technology that utilize a nanomaterial with an extremely low thermal conductivity. This material allows the coatings to effectively inhibit heat transfer in a thin layer. This is a ceramic coating, but rather a unique, patented technology only sold only under the Tempcoat 101 brand name
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Tempcoat 101

Tempcoat 101

25 years in production with World Wide Accreditations

  • Applied by Spray , Brush or Roller
  • At only 1mm to 2 mm Thick it is equal to 100mm of Styrofoam or similar , with an R Rating of R20 UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE
  • In White as Standard or an excellent choice of Colours as a top coat
  • Suitable for Masonry , Metal , Glass , Timber , Fibreglass etc
  • 10 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Very Fast R. O. I.

HomeProtect Clear Coat
Residential Insulation Coating. Exterior & Interior Use - Walls, Ceilings, Clear, matte finish

Tempcoat 101 Energy Protect
Commercial Insulation Coating. Exterior & Interior Use - Factory Windows, Walls, Ceilings, Clear, matte finish

Tempcoat 101
Residential & Commercial Roof Coating. Clear protective roof insulation coating for sloped tile and shingle roofs