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CADS U-Value Calculator

The CADS U-Value Calculator provides an exact diagnosis of the buildings U-Value

Get to know the thermal behaviour of your building

Did you ever wonder how much of your heating bill is caused by badly insulated windows or walls? Or how much energy you can save by adjusting the temperature level in a room? Use the CADS U-Value Calculator to get answers to these and many more questions.

"How accurate is this equipment?"

Well the u-value calculator is so accurate, it can be used to provide an official figure to override SAP and other recognised calculations that are currently in existence in the UK.

The CADS U-Value Calculator features:

Easy read-out
“Use CADS’s data logger solution to get your measurement results directly.”

Simple mounting & integration
“The sensor is compact, small and thin. You just tape it to the place, where you want to measure your heat flux.”

“The sensor is robust and withstands harsh environmental conditions. This allows easy handling and makes it re-usable.”


A building is a complex thermal system. Thermal energy entering the building is coming mainly from the heating system and from solar irradiation. The energy exchange between the building and the outside is mainly through the roof, walls, windows and other various thermal bridges e.g. balconies, into the soil and through exchange of ambient air.

Are you interested in better understanding a building as a thermal system?

Use the CADS U-Value Calculator to:

  • Compare the amount of heat transferred through different walls.
  • Calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient (U- Value) of walls or windows and find out if you have a well-insulated building.
  • Quantify the energy balance of a room: How much energy is coming from the heating and where is the energy lost?
  • Calculate the energy emitted from the heating radiator for example to forecast your heating bill.
  • Optimize your heating and cooling control.
  • Analyze the thermal behavior of rooms / buildings at different temperature levels.
Figure shows: Heat lost from a building on a winter day in % of total. Contact us for full details about the u-value calculator.
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